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TonnUp is an online commodity trading platform that dramatically reduces admin and paperwork, all the way from producer to consumer.

The best and most secure way to sell your grain is with TonnUp!

When you offer your grain for sale on TonnUp, it is seen by all buyers. You have the security of knowing that you are always in control and always protected. If you prefer, you can give your grain marketing agent the authority to act on your behalf on TonnUp.

Spot Trading


Your TonnUp account is FREE! You only pay when you trade, no monthly fees.

Bids and Offers

TonnUp puts you in control. Before trading your grain ensure you have deposited funds into the TonnUp Trust account, and you can edit your order or even cancel it at any stage prior to trading.


When a buyer’s bid matches your price, it is accepted, and you are instantly notified.


Buyer’s cash is held in the TonnUp trust account until the grain is delivered (within maximum 30 days), when the buyer confirms delivery funds are transferred to your TonnUp account and settlement takes place within 2 working days.

Do you already have your own onsite storage capacity?

TonnUp Storage Site Requirments Version 1 2021.pdf

If you have already have your own on site storage capacity, why not explore if this can make your next transaction easier or provide you with cost savings?


Why should I register my storage capacity?




By registering your storage, you empower yourself to act as a “delivery point” from which buyers can collect directly from your farm or site. TonnUp has brought INCO terms into use, meaning that you can perform transactions on an ex-works (from your location or a selected location) or DAP (delivered at place) basis.

Taking advantage of your our infrastructure , assuming that it meets our minimum requirements is both logical and  practical, why should you pay a third party for storage if you already have the required infrastructure?


Which products can my storage site be registered for?




Depending on your inspection and storage site capabilities, your storage site could be registered for various bulk commodity types, such as:

  • White Maize
  • Yellow Maize
  • Wheat
  • Sunflower
  • Soya Beans
  • Sugar Beans
  • Hominy Chop
  • Oil Cake
  • Bran


How do I register my site?

Registering your site requires some additional information over and above your original TonnUp registration, which will be reviewed and vetted by our team. We will ask for very specific information and contact you telephonically and in person to drive the registration process of your onsite storage.


The Process.

Please carefully review our “TonnUp Storage Site Requirments Version 1 2021” document which you can request from to see if your storage site meets our minimum criteria.

If after reviewing the TonnUp Storage Site Requirements you believe that your storage site qualifies, please review the agreements under our “Legal Framework” section below,  which govern the framework for the transactions which you will be enabled to perform.

Do you have more questions, or need more answers?



Please contact us via telephone +27 10 312 5905 or email via and we will gladly assist you.


TonnUp producers now have the potential to negotiate a better price for their product. In consultation with their brokers or silo owners, the producer can “offer” his receipts onto the system for a premium over and above the market price. The offer therefore will represent the premium per ton price for stock in the specific silo.

Buyers on the other hand, i.e. miller and processors, will be able to bid regardless of whether or not there is already stock on offer, at all registered delivery points at a premium per ton basis. This is quite a big improvement on the current delivery system. A further plus for the buyer is that he is now in a position to bid for the preferred delivery location from where he can receive his grain should he be successful.

A Trade plus 2 working days (T+2) settlement cycle, further ensures that the usual delayed payments generally associated with cash markets are eliminated. This is another avoidance of counterparty risk.

While the silo owner continues to guarantee the quality and quantity of the physical stock on storage certificate, TonnUp will facilitate the cash-flow process such that sellers will receive their payment and buyers will receive their physical stock.

Trading of storage certificates will be possible every day and paperwork and all invoicing will be facilitated by TonnUp.

Our contracts and systems are designed to comply with global best practice and comply with the SAGOS 1 version 9 and INCOTERMS 2010. Please refer to our legal framework for more information.

Financial security

Customers can only trade from pre-funded accounts. All customer ZAR funds are held in segregated accounts, distinct from TonnUp’s operational accounts.

Internal controls

No individual, not even our CEO, is able to single-handedly transfer storage certificates or funds. We always require multiple signatories on actions which have financial bearing on you.